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Useful Tips for Clicking Perfect Engagement Photos at Home

Useful Tips for Clicking Perfect Engagement Photos at Home

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One of the most beautiful phases in the life of almost every couple will be the time in between their engagement and wedding. It is the time that a couple will actually get to know each other. So, if you have found the love of your life and are ready to walk down the aisle, there are certain things you must do before exchanging the vows.

The first thing that you must think about is an engagement photo shoot. This will be a great idea to commemorate the beautiful experience of being engaged. In addition, it will be really challenging to get the same freshness and appeal after the marriage. Capturing this amazingly short and sweet chapter of your life is sure to give you goose bumps when you leaf through your engagement album after a few decades.

To nail your engagement photo shoot, an epic location is really crucial. No wonder, most people consider romantic destinations around the world for their pre-wedding photo shoot. However, it will not be practical for every couple to have their engagement photo shoot at a foreign land. Such people may choose to click romantic pictures at their home.

Even though it sounds unappealing, it is one of the perfect ways to click your best shots since you will be at your comfort zone. The luxury and comfort of your home will let you shine to the fullest. You may also choose a number of themes that range from silly to the sensual ones depending on your personality. Below are some of the useful tips that you may consider for your engagement photo shoot.

Be Comfortable

Most couples will not be full-time models, and hence, you may find posing for photos and showcasing the perfect attitude and look little embarrassing and hectic. Sometimes, you may find it nerve-wracking as well. To address this issue, the first thing that you must do is to be comfortable.

Note that any sign of uneasiness or discomfort will be clearly visible in your photos and it will obviously ruin your whole engagement album. However, since you are conducting the pre-wedding photo shoot at your own place, this will not be a big deal. Just make sure to choose a theme that reflects your personality so that you can do your best with ease.

Choose the Best Room

It can be romantically quoted that couples tend to glow when they are together and it will reflect in your images. However, the actual thing that makes your images pop is the amount of light entering your room, which you select for your engagement photo shoot. In order to nail the photo shoot, make sure that an appropriate amount of light enters your room. Note that minimal light setting or even excess light may ruin your pictures. Besides, natural lighting will give amazing warmth and appeal to your photos. Hence, it is recommended to choose a room that features bigger windows.

In case there are no rooms big windows in your home, you may consider artificial light settings as well. For this, it is better to rely on professional experts, as they know how to get the best out of you. In such photos, the real attractions will be the shadows and highlights. In fact, these are the things that make your normal photos more romantic and dreamy.

The Perfect Settings

Apart from the couple, the settings that you choose also play a big role in lifting up the overall appeal of your pre-wedding photo shoot. Here, you must take things such as the room decors, costumes, lighting, poses, emotions, etc., into account. One of the main tips that you must consider here is not to choose a heavily decorated room for your engagement photo shoot; the decors in your room may overshadow you and it will distract the attention of people looking at your images.

For instance, you may choose a room that is beautified with minimal aesthetics and a particular color pattern. Additionally, make sure that the costumes of the couple complement the color pattern as well as the overall setting of the shooting spot.

Make Use of the Space to the Fullest

Once you decided on the perfect settings and decorations for your engagement photo shoot, it is the time to click your pictures. Note that it is better to move around and click pictures at different angles rather than just sitting idle at the same spot. This will not only make your photo shoot more exciting and entertaining, but also highlight different emotions.

That is, if you start clicking pictures at the spots in your home where you feel the most comfortable, it will showcase your confident side. On the other hand, posing for romantic pictures at in-house spots, which you do not access much, like the space behind the doors or the corners, may evoke some surprise and intimate factors. An expert photographer can contribute a lot here, since he will be able to predict which all places will be perfect to induce certain emotions.

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