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What to Wear for your Engagement Session

What to Wear for your Engagement Session

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If you have been following the latest post-engagement trends, you are probably familiar with engagement sessions. For the uninitiated, these are portrait photo sessions, where the couple and the photographer get to work together for the first time. Not only does this allow familiarizing, it also gives you a fair idea about how to pose most naturally.

One thing people are not sure about when it comes to an engagement session is the attire. Following are some tips to help with that.

Pick Comfortable Wear

This is paramount, mainly because it lets you be at your best behavior. You need to get used to being comfortable working with the photographer, so wear something easy to move in. That means chucking those refined heels in favor of practical flats. You deserve to relax on your big day, but that takes practice, which is best done at the engagement session.

Avoid Bright Colors and Loud Prints

Certain patterns, especially chaotic or psychedelic ones, tend to stay in fashion for extremely short periods. You do not want to look back on this in 5 years and feel appalled at your choice of dress. However, subtle patterns are worth considering, such as flannel or thin stripes. Those are eternal.

Get the Fit Right

Wearing an outfit that is too tight is a good recipe for disaster. Too loose though, is something you can work with, especially if you have a belt or sash that goes well. The problem, though, is that you would look heavier in the pictures in a flowing dress, unless you get the cinching just right.

Dress Differently but Complimentarily to your Partner

The two of you do not want to dress the same, because you are not on holiday. It is excessively cheesy, and if you give in to the lure, bound to become one of the things you eventually regret. Just stick to wearing colors that compliment your partner’s with slightly matching shades between clothing layers.

Wear Layers

Your probably want to get in multiple different looks, but are you sure changing repeatedly is an option where you are going? Wearing layers, on the other hand, means you take off items of clothing to achieve a completely different look. This is easier, and also gets you cool each time you do it. Remember to take a satchel or shoulder bag along so you can stuff the clothing you take off.

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