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Why Do You Need a Second Shooter for your Engagement Day?

Why Do You Need a Second Shooter for your Engagement Day?

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Quantity of photos, budget, style, perspective and lot more such factors turn as a barrier when thinking about hiring a second shooter for your engagement. However, for a better shooting experience and worthy result, you may go for hiring an efficient second shooter, even if you are a groom, bride or yourself a professional photographer. Below discussed could be some of the reasons for pursuing such a step by giving some attributes of engagement photo ideas.

Photos Clicked in Better Perspectives

The snaps taken by the second shooter is as important as the principal shooter, although there is a common wrong perception among the photographers that the former one’s role is often perceived differently. Most commonly, these photographer lots merely end up as a lens fetcher and camera holder like every other team member for the photo shooting. However, they would prove to be more fruitful because these camera people will be capturing much of the day alike the major shooter. Henceforth, your special day will be photographed from complementary perspectives.

Captures More Special Moments

The photographer hired by you cannot shoot from two different places simultaneously. In reality, many ceremonies can be scheduled to take place at the same moment but at a different place, like, say, you may need photos of both the bridal party and the groom getting ready for the major ceremony. Such a wish can’t be fulfilled with a single photographer. So hiring a second shooter for a similar situation will be always better.

More Number of Photos

Obviously, there will be more photos when you are hiring an extra photographer to capture special moments. As for a suggestion, let the principal shooter be with the bride capturing with the picture clicked in her perspective. Meanwhile, the second shooter can accompany the groom, moving about like a shadow. You will be surprised to realize that, double the photos can be acquired at the end of the day. This will be quite visible in your album.

A Couple of Cameras Work More Efficiently Than Single

A photographer team helping each other may make the eventful day to run as smoothly as ever. However, a photographer can do his stuff all by himself rather than depending on others to hold their heavy camera bags and stand around. When clicking snaps for the portraits, anybody else can capture the details of the reception.

The most important boon to maintain a team of photographers is that they can efficiently focus on their respective parts and get the best clicks of the most cherished moments of one’s life.


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