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You go up to your calendar hanging in near your kitchen, and see a big red circle drawn for a date a week away, only to remember that there is a college mates knot tying ceremony to be held then! You run off to your desk, fire up the laptop and start reading blogs on the best, most unique wedding gift to get. But all you find are cliché gifts that have been used as wedding gift for as long as anyone can remember: Rise and repeat you thought. That is when you scroll down to a peculiar blog of ‘CBD engagement gift to get’ only to have your attention immediately grabbed! The rest is history…

The trendy new age gift, for the trendy new age couple! CBD has been in the spotlight, in the centre of attention for quite some time and it is only surprising that the spotlight hasn’t blown a fuse or the bulb hasn’t dimmed, not one bit! Quite the opposite to be honest. The popularity of the multi-tasking natural drug has brought change at an international level, with world governments bowing down to it in submission, as they can only ignore it for so long. The Farm Act 2018 was the finale of a much-awaited decision to be implemented and the masses heaved a sigh of relief when that happened.

The United states of America were the new kids on the block after the implementation opening up the channels for CBD derived hemp to be grown, distributed and consumed legally. This meant that the industry literally grew overnight owing to the massive surge in demand.

The state of California alone brought in close to half a billion dollars in CBD revenue, whereas the CBD industry is speculated to be worth a whopping $23 billion in the next 5 years. What this all translates into is the fact that there are plenty of CBD products that are sprouting all over for the everyday consumer to choose from.

We will have a run down on the top CBD wedding gifts that you can gift to the next wedding duo that comes upon your calendar. Your gifts will definitely stand out!

Top CBD Wedding Gifts

  • Sagely Naturals: Headache Recovery CBD Roll-On

This one is hot off the line. Sagely naturals CBD roll-on is a refreshing take on the usual aspirin tablets that you are used to popping every time a troublesome headache surfaces. This is a much cleaner, safer herbal alternative that is just as effective! Simply uncap and glide the roll-on across your temples, sit back and watch as the CBD gets to work, vanishing those tensed nerves across your forehead. But what more is that with CBD comes a host of other essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary; all of these work towards reducing the inflammation and reducing pain. If the pain relief wasn’t enough, the aromas that waft from the roll-on will be enough to put you on cloud 9.

  • Crave Skincare Glo-Berry” Glistening Skin Oil Serum

This is a product that will enhance the bride’s radiance with a easy to flow, light serum. The serum infused with CBD has other minerals that further do a great job in nourishing the skin, at the same time giving off a glow that will make anyone turn their gazes. The mica in the serum also does the job of enhancing the glow, all the while the CBD will help heal and soothe your skin that is already very irritated from all the makeup and foundation slapped on it! This skin serum won’t only just make you look good, but will do your skin a favour while doing so too!

  • Kana Skin Care Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

The night right after the wedding has to be an exhausting one, especially with the months of planning and running around, not to mention the full day in makeup and your wedding dress does take a toll on you by the time the sun sets and you lay in bed exhausted. What better way to get some quality shut eye than with a Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask by Kana Skincare. The skin will begin healing and is further boosted with the help of the CBD facemask that is both hydrating as well as brightening.

The line of Kana skincare sleeping mask also has around 28 active ingredients such as botanicals plus a phytocannabinoid; these are great pain relievers and help your skin relax and anti-oxidise at the same time. So be sure to slather some on and sleep off to nirvana!

  • Tonic Vibes Chill Tonic

Wedding day is a day of constant jitters and nail biting, not just for the groom and bride but for the close family members and friends as well. The months of planning all amounts to this day afterall!

With Tonic vibes chill tonic, you can help the duo relax and calm down! Simply fill in a dropper of the oil and squirt it under your tongue; be sure to hold it there for a minute before finally swallowing it. The CBD oil will help in relaxing your tensed nerves and lets you hold a steady beat when you are walking down the aisle…

  • Cannabliss Organic Body Oil

A spa session before the wedding is a must for you to relax those tensed and overworked muscles, but if you find yourself looking disheartedly at your schedule, then worry not Cannabliss Organic Body Oil is here to help!

The next best thing that will do hydrate your skin and turn it soft and supple to touch. The unique blend of Korean herbs and hemp oil does magic in alleviating stress and leaving your skin glowing for the big day!

  • Lord & Jones CBD Body Lotion

There can be no list that doesn’t contain this premium CBD products manufacturer! The Lord and Jones CBD body lotion is just what your undernourished skin need the most! Do you see constant white lines all across your arms? Or do you feel the strain of walking and running around all day? Then simply apply the Lord & Jones CBD Body Lotion and watch as the sore muscles and joint pain seemingly vanish. Be sure to kit yourself with this just before you hit the dance floor in heels, rub it onto your heels and toes and dance to your hearts-content during the wedding festivities!

  • CBD Daily Shampoo

Going through the list of products you might have begun thinking why there isn’t anything for the hair? Well the CBD daily shampoo is here to fill in that need! Be ready to have healthy great hair all with the goodness of CBD! The natural CBD derived hemp and argan oil rich shampoo will help you remove split ends and reduces the hair frizziness. By the time you step out of the shower, you will be left with hair that is moisturised, shiny and bounces with each and every step you take.

The shampoo is suited for all hair types from curly and wavy to straight. Even if your scalp is oily or even dry, it doesn’t matter; the CBD daily shampoo will make sure that your hair woes are a thing of the past. Let the bride enjoy the healthiest looking hair she’s had in a while with CBD daily shampoo!

  • Botanika

Are you not into the idea of squirting oil under your tongue but still want an end to the anxiety that has been troubling you all day? Then look no further than Botanika! This consists of CBD isolate extract and is a melatonin spray that you can simply spray right under your tongue. Spray and forget!

Be sure to do so before you hit the bed and watch as the day’s restlessness fades into the night as you slip into a dreamy bliss. A must have for the bride who has been feeling restless and anxious all day, week and month!

  • Malin + Goetz Cannabis Eau De Parfum

You need to be smelling just as good as you look, right? What better way to do that than with Malin + Goetz Cannabis Eau De Parfum! The aromatic perfume has subtle light tones of earthiness and followed by tones of spicy herbs and flowers. The cannabis spray will not even hurt and irritate your skin like most alcohol based perfumes that dry up and make the skin itchy at times. If the bride or groom is one that is prone to skin allergies and rashes, then we think they might find a friend in Malin + Goetz’s line of amazing perfumes!

  • Leef Organics Wild Crafted CBD Skin Oil

This skin oil is a gift to womankind! The botanical and wild flower rich CBD skin oil does plenty to help balance out the collagen production and control the oiliness. Be sure to make this an everyday routine and watch over the months before the wedding as the oil soothes and smoothen your skin to seem like it is chiselled out like Michelangelo’s sculptures; smooth, supple and defined!

  • Cannasmack Oily & Acne Prone Skin Essentials

Another great product that acts as a relaxant for the anxious bride/ groom! The handy kit comes as a life-saver in helping control and combat the oily skin as well. If you are looking for a complete pack of CBD wellness products then look no further than Cannasmack Oily & Acne Prone Skin Essentials!

That about rounds up the list of best CBD wedding party gifts that you can get for the next lucky duo who will be tying the knot. Let them begin their life’s journey with the healing touch of CBD!

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