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Why Choose Cluster Settings For Your Engagement Ring?

Why Choose Cluster Settings For Your Engagement Ring?

Affordable Diamond Rings
Affordable Diamond Rings

Engagement rings can be really expensive, especially if they involve diamonds. However, it is now possible for you to get affordable diamond rings if you choose the settings wisely. The price of a diamond can greatly increase with an increase in its carat weight. So if you choose a ring with a big center diamond, its price can be really high. But if your stone is too small, it can affect the appeal of the ring.

This is where cluster settings can be helpful for you. Here, you can get the illusion of a big center diamond by clustering many small stones. Hence, if you are looking for cheap engagement rings with diamonds, then this option can be suitable for you, as it can offer the look of a bigger diamond without having to spend a huge amount that you would have to normally spend on a diamond with higher carat weight.

Cluster Ring Settings

This setting uses many small stones of the same size instead of a big, single center stone. Therefore, the price of this ring can be less in comparison with other rings that have a center stone with higher carat weight, as the price per carat of small stones will be low.

Additionally, the cluster setting can offer better sparkle for your ring because of the number of small stones it has. So if you want your engagement ring to be shiny, then cluster settings can create a great option for you.

Why Choose A Cluster Setting?

A cluster setting can be a perfect option for people who cannot afford a big center diamond. Additionally, this setting does not fail to attract attention, as the small stones present in it can offer extra sparkle for the ring. You can find cluster settings in a variety of designs including round clusters, square clusters, flower-shaped clusters, star-shaped clusters, etc. Hence, it will be possible for you to choose a wonderful design that suits you the best.

Also, cluster settings can create a great combination with other ring settings like pave setting, halo setting, etc.

Problems With A Cluster Setting

Even though cluster setting creates a stunning and affordable engagement ring design, it has some problems too. As there is a lot of small stones involved in this setting, it can be difficult for you to clean and maintain the ring. In addition to this, the small stones can get loose over time thereby increasing the risk of losing them.

So if you are considering a cluster setting for your engagement ring, then make sure to consider its pros and cons to find out whether it can be a suitable option for you.

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