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5 Tips for a Ring-Less Engagement Proposal

5 Tips for a Ring-Less Engagement Proposal

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For a long time, proposing marriage to someone special has typically involved revealing a glittering, expensive ring; going down on a knee; and speaking a heartfelt statement that fills your woman’s heart. While the latter two things are more or less essential to this experience, a costly engagement ring is not always a requirement to pulling off a romantic proposal.

A lot of people have constraints or aversions that keep them from going the “ring route” when it comes to proposing. The following tips should help them work out a successful ring-less engagement proposal.

Aim for the Right Time

Not using a ring should not be a sole reason to hurry things up; as long as you love her, the question still needs to be popped in a gratifyingly special way. Both of you should walk away with fond memories of the occasion, and that requires waiting until the time is ripe.

Keep it Simple

Every woman dreams of a man who goes down on one knee in front of her, and professes and promises everlasting love. Though simple, this gesture would never fail to bring joy to a woman who is willing to marry you. Just make sure the moment feels right to the both of you.

Get a Costume Jewelry Ring

This is not the same as the real thing, but manages to look just as special as long as you choose right. Get a measure of your loved one’s finger size, and buy a beautiful ring that does not break the bank. The fact that you even went out and bought something should be enough to move your beloved.

Pick a Special Spot

The setting where you make the proposal decides the mood your beloved will be in, so go to town picking out and arranging the best one you can afford. If it is not drop-dead gorgeous, at least make sure it evokes some deep and pleasant feelings in your sweetheart. If you do not think proposing at the place you first met is clichéd, then consider taking that option; nothing says “I love you” better than showing her you cherish the first time you laid eyes on her.

Give Her Flowers

This is one of those thing that stretch back millennia; women generally adore flowers, and presenting them with a bouquet or even a single blossom could signal a lot of different things. For the one you give your girlfriend, pick something that tells her exactly what you wish to convey.

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