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Top 10 Ideas to Propose to your Soul Mate

Top 10 Ideas to Propose to your Soul Mate

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Marriage proposal is one of the most important moments in your life, so you have to make that count. You could choose from many romantic places to get engaged with your loved one, but you also need to carry a stunning diamond engagement ring to go with the setting. If you already had that part covered, check out the below top 10 proposal ideas that will help you to “pop up the question” in a creative way.

Ring and Chocolate

This chocolaty idea may be the sweetest among all engagement ideas, but it surely is a creative one. Buy a box full of yummy chocolates and place the beautiful engagement ring in the place of her favorite chocolate. She may take a second to notice what is inside the box, but when she does, you will already be asking her the beautiful question. When she accepts your proposal, present to her the missing chocolate as your first gift to her as an engaged couple.

The Walking behind Play

This one is the simplest of all trick plays. Take your girl to one of the most beautiful romantic places to get engaged you have seen in movies, and make her walk ahead of you while you lift up the sign “Marry Me” and walk behind her. She will turn around when she notices that you are not beside her, and it will be the sign that she sees first. When she is still surprised, get down on a knee and pop the question.

Signs in the Sky

This idea requires a lot of planning for its perfect execution. For this idea to work out, you, your fiancée and the airplane must all be in the right place at the right time. First, you need to choose a solitary place with a clear sky and then either arrange a plane tugging a banner below it or use the help of some amazing smoke writers to propose to your girl.

Hand in Sand

There are only a few more romantic places to get engaged than a beach during the sunset. All you have to do is just three simple things: take her hand, take a walk, and kneel at the right time. You could make this moment even more memorable if you do it along the edge of the shallow waves. You both will recall this wonderful moment for years.

Inside Her Book

Just find the book your girl is currently reading and replace the bookmark with a simple but beautiful note. This would be even better if you could buy a second copy of that book, cut out the pages from the center, and leave the diamond engagement ring in its place. When she opens the book, she will be surprised with the stunning jewel inside, and that is when you pop the question.

A Holiday Romance

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The interesting fact about holiday romance is that two-thirds of couples affiance when they are on a vacation. This makes an absolute sense because both of you would be perfectly relaxed when on a vacation. Choosing the perfect time to propose your girl is up to you. You could do it while you are on a walk or you may do it over a romantic candlelight dinner.

On a Picnic

Picnics are always the perfect time for doing some awesome activities. If you add your proposal to it, it would be even more memorable and you will be on a new picnic to end all other picnics. You may hide the ring inside the hamper or you could wait for the right moment to propose her straight; either way will make your day memorable for sure.

Send Up a Balloon

You are not going to need to send up a balloon literally here, but a box full of it. Another beautiful idea is presenting your loved one with the box and letting her open it. At the moment she opens the box, both your balloons and proposal will be right before her eyes.

Get Help

Getting help from your friends or family is an even better idea to propose to your girl. Get everyone of your intended group to wear t-shirts spelling out the proposal. Let the guests reveal the beautiful message to her without her knowing. This should surely surprise your girl.

Write a Poem

Say it not just with mere words but write a poem for her. You could even choose an appropriate poem like Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty”, but it would be always better if you could write a poem yourself. This is the most intimate proposal idea ever; just recite the poem when you are on a dinner date, free from crowds and other build-ups. In addition, have the ring ready when you finish the poem and softly propose your girl.

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