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Tips to Conduct a Great Beach Wedding

Tips to Conduct a Great Beach Wedding

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Beach weddings can be a dreamy affair with the exotic surroundings and the happy vibes of seashore. There are a few things, however, that you do not want to miss on your special day. Below are a few tips for making your beach wedding a dreamy and memorable one.

Inform your Guests about the Wedding Theme

It is very important to let all your guests know what you have planned on your big date. This will allow them to come prepared for the conditions and enjoy the wedding to the fullest instead of having to worry about anything else.

For instance, inform them well in advance that they need to bring a pair of sunglasses to ensure that they stay comfortable during the sunny day. Moreover, ask your guests to come prepared for the sandy venue. You can arrange for flip-flops and collect their footwear at the entrance.

You also need to ask them to carry appropriate clothes for the weather. If it gets cold, it will be annoying to all. So, instruct your guests to carry clothes suited for a beachside timeout.

Pick the Right Dress Code

Once you have chosen a beach destination for your wedding, the traditional ball gowns and chapel trains will not be the right dress choice. There are plenty of dresses that you can select though, which will match the theme of your beach wedding. Lighter tones of fabrics such as chiffons and sheer silk suit the beach theme really well.

While choosing your footwear, consider the wedding ceremony area. If you have set up a platform, your satin pumps would be fine. Otherwise, you can go for barefoot sandals, which will look casual and dressy at the same time.

While choosing your hairstyle, consider the factor of wind, which is common to beaches most of the times. Hence, go for a style that keeps your front hair off your face. This will avoid unnecessary entanglements during the ceremony.

Pay Attention to Details

Make sure that you crosscheck the beach permits with your wedding planner. Moreover, it is better to consult a planner who has experience with beach weddings. Their experience will be of great help while planning your wedding.

Since most beaches are filled with the sound of crashing waves, it is important to arrange a microphone for the officiant. Furthermore, have a floral arch set up in an elegant way to add d├ęcor to your venue. It makes a nice focal point for the wedding ceremony.

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