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Eco-Friendly Barn Wedding Ideas

Eco-Friendly Barn Wedding Ideas

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Engaged couples nowadays come up with unique and creative ways to conduct weddings while ensuring that the events are eco-friendly. One of the best options for you is to go with a barn wedding. The venue would be a restored barn, this ensures that the vintage ambiance is fully maintained while reducing the impact on the environment to the lowest. Below is a discussion on the planning tips for a barn wedding that is also green.

Using Eco-Friendly Table Top Decorations

Antique Picture Frames

You can add a personal touch to your wedding tables by using the old picture frames. You can write on the frame’s glass using dry erase markers to help them locate their escort cards.

Use Kraft Crafts

You can create your own cards to present to your guests by making them yourself. You may use Kraft paper which could be cut to attractive shapes. Then you may write their names on it using an eco-friendly pen.

Provide Locally-Sourced Apple Cider

Mason Jars

You can try using your mason jars to serve beverages. This will bring a rustic appeal to the fall wedding. You can add local apple cider with a strand of natural raffia ribbon in each glass.

Set Up a Cider Station

Making a cider station right outside the venue would be a great idea for the autumn themed wedding. You may add outdoor elements like locally-grown apples and bouquet of fresh wheat. Adding a glass beverage dispenser might suit the rustic theme of the wedding.

Upcycle Useful Materials

You can upcycle an empty aluminum can by using natural raffia ribbon to wrap around it. It can add to the eco-friendly decorations. Besides, you can use it to provide the guests with biodegradable straws.

Serve Locally-Sourced Hot Apple Cider

Serving hot apple cider is ideal if you are conducting the wedding on a cold fall day. To support the green theme, you may accent a hot coffee urn of the traditional style and tie raffia ribbon around them. You may serve the cider with cinnamon sticks for an additional flavor.

Choosing Autumn-Themed Table and Place Settings

Choosing a Local Wedding Venue

Conducting your wedding at a local venue is a great way to ensure minimum impact on the environment, especially if there are many guests from the nearby areas. This will ensure that the emissions from traveling are low. Further, you can reuse the old linens to decorate the chairs by draping them. This could be helped with natural raffia ribbon

Wedding’s Table Setting

You may employ the biodegradable nature of bamboo at the wedding table. Pick biodegradable cutlery and bamboo plates to be placed at the tables. Further, you can distribute biodegradable and natural napkins.. your barn wedding could also use Kraft paper plates that could be cut into different shapes.

Using Recycled Fabric

You can use a poly-spun fabric table cover as a runner for the guests. This can be done by folding them in half many times. Add some table lamps along with homemade apple candles that come with tea inserts. This will ensure a unique arrangement for lighting. If you want to create apple candles, you may drill a hole on them with the same dimensions as the tea light. These will also float on water.

Uplift Your Dessert Table

You can add more beauty to the dessert table by stacking galvanized metal tubs over one another. This will make for an attractive display of locally cultivated apples.

Do-It-Yourself Desserts

Alternatives for Traditional Wedding Cake

You can choose a unique dessert table instead of a traditional multi-layered wedding cake which gives variety to your guests. Meanwhile, it will keep the green theme alive. You can add more DIY by providing apple crisps baked using Kraft bake cups

Compostable Cutlery

You can ensure you keep nature unharmed by choosing compostable and biodegradable wooden forks as the chosen cutlery at the dessert table.

Making a Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece

For an attractive fall wedding centerpiece, you can upcycle a metal can by first wrapping it with any material, then adding a colorful bow. These could also be spray painted with eco-friendly paint. Later, fill them with potted plants instead of fresh cut flowers. The guests can also take them home and grow them in their own backyard.

Logs and Caramel Apples on Your Dessert Table

If you want to make a change to the tradition of cake pops, you may use caramel apple pops. First, use a melon baller to scoop out round shaped apple pieces which are now mini apples. You can attach these mini apples to bamboo skewers and dip them in caramel apple dip, to be sprinkled with granulated peanuts after this.

There are several techniques to hold a barn wedding with a rustic theme and eco-friendly motives. These could leave a minimum carbon footprint and cost very less like affordable diamond rings.

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