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A Brief Guide On Amethyst Engagement Rings

A Brief Guide On Amethyst Engagement Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings

It is not easy to find a woman who has an amethyst stone in her engagement ring. Most women prefer diamond engagement rings and this is what makes the person with an amethyst engagement ring special. A lot of people do not want diamond rings just because they are so common. In addition to that, if you want to get a unique diamond like a fancy-colored diamond ring, you need to spend an insane amount of money. So, alternative gemstones like amethyst can be a better option to make your engagement ring unique and special without burning your pockets.

In this article, we are looking briefly into amethyst engagement rings.

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is a quartz stone with a purple color. You can find amethyst gemstones in a wide variety of shades ranging from light purple to dark purple. Let us now discuss the pros and cons of amethysts.

Amethyst Stones: Pros And Cons

The bright purple color is the most attractive feature of an amethyst gemstone. No other gemstone can have a color like amethysts. This is why amethysts are perfect for those people who want an unconventional engagement ring with a unique color and appearance. For your engagement ring, you can also consider an amethyst ring with diamond accents. Amethyst rings are also very economical when compared to pricey diamonds.

The major drawback of amethyst gemstones is that they have inferior durability compared to diamonds. Roughly speaking, diamonds are about ten times harder than an amethyst stone. The Mohs scale value for amethyst gemstones is around 7. This doesn’t mean that amethyst rings are not suitable for daily use. They are hard enough to use as daily wear, but you have to be a little more careful than handling diamond rings.

How Can You Differentiate A High-Quality Amethyst Stone From A Poor-Quality One?

Hold the amethyst stone to a light source and check whether the stone is transparent. If it is a high-quality amethyst stone, then the light will pass through it completely. You should also check for inclusions and flaws and if they are not eye-clean, stay away from them. Moreover, never forget to inspect the surface for nicks or scratches.

Which Metal Should You Use For Amethyst Stones?

You can choose any commonly used ring metals for amethyst stones. Choose a metal that complements the color of your amethyst stone. For example, white gold or platinum goes well with amethyst stones with bluish undertones.

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