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Can Diamonds Break?

Can Diamonds Break?

Bridal Engagement Rings
Bridal Engagement Rings

Diamonds are very hard, strong, and durable. They won’t easily break or chip. However, when a hard blow is applied to your diamond’s weak point, it can easily chip and break. If your diamonds have sharp corners, they can be more susceptible to damage. Additionally, if a greater force is applied to the girdle of a diamond, which is a sharp area present in all diamonds irrespective of their shape, it can also break.

Moreover, if there are too many inclusions in the diamond, especially near the edges or corners, they can also make a diamond vulnerable to chipping. Hence, it is important for you to give good care to your jewelry including bridal engagement rings to prevent the chipping and breaking of stones.

There are some measures you can adopt to reduce the risk of chipping your diamonds. Some of them are listed below:

Choose A Ring Setting That Can Protect The Stone

Ring settings like the prong setting are preferred by people, as they can offer better visibility for your stones and increase their brilliance. But the protection offered by this setting for your gemstone will be low when compared to many other settings.

So if the protection and security of your bridal set engagement rings are on your mind, then it is better to go for ring settings like bezel, flush, channel, etc. that do not expose the girdle and other vulnerable points of the diamonds. They can protect your stones from chipping and breaking.

Take Off Your Ring When Engaging In Strenuous Activities

If you engage in some activities which involve hitting or bumping your ring a lot, then it is better to take it off. Exerting too much pressure on the ring can damage both the metal and gemstones on your ring. Therefore, it is better to remove your ring when doing activities that can exert too much pressure on it.

Choose Diamonds With No Sharp Corners

If you are someone who uses your hands a lot or if the risk of you to hit your ring somewhere is very high, then it is better to avoid diamond shapes that come with sharp corners. Princess, pear, and marquise diamonds are some of the common shapes that come with sharp corners. Instead of these options, you can choose round, oval, and cushion-cut diamonds that do not have any sharp corners.

Also, make sure that the stones are not loose in the setting. This can also increase the risk of damaging and even losing the stone. If your diamond is chipped, it is better to avoid wearing it. You can take it to your jeweler to know what can be done with the stone.

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